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Thanks for making the 2011 ISPA Conference & Expo the "must attend" spa industry event! Check back in February for information on the 2012 ISPA Conference & Expo which will be held October 15-17, 2012 at the Gaylord Palms in sunny Kissimmee, FL.


2011 Exhibitor FAQs

Does my company have to be a member of ISPA to exhibit at the ISPA Conference & Expo?

All exhibitors must be current ISPA resource partners and be in good financial standing with the association in order to exhibit at the ISPA Conference & Expo. ISPA membership will help you reach your personal and professional goals by providing the tools for success. For more information on how to become a member, visit our Membership department online.


How much does it cost to exhibit?

10'x10' Linear Booth = $3,100

10'x20' Linear Booth = $6,200*

10'x20' Split Island = $7,600

20'x20' Island = $14,800

*An additional $300 fee applies to corner booths


How can I sponsor an event?

For sponsorship information and to learn how you can get more involved in the 2011 ISPA Conference & Expo, please contact Melissa Riley. To download the 2011 Conference & Expo Prospectus, click here.

If I exhibit in 2011 will I have a better choice of booth selection for 2012?

Yes. Exhibit booth applications are sent on a placement schedule that begins with Conference Sponsors, then multiple-time advertisers, then previous exhibitors (applies only to companies that exhibit the prior year) and then to the resource partner membership.

How else can I get the very best available booth?

Conference Sponsors and multiple-time Pulse advertisers receive priority placement as a benefit of their sponsorship or advertising commitments. If you would like more information on how to become a sponsor or would like to know how you can advertise in Pulse, please contact ISPA.

Is selling permitted on the exhibit hall floor?

ISPA encourages business-to-business relations and order-taking; however, no selling is permitted on the exhibit hall floor. Orders may be taken onsite, but must be fulfilled and finalized once you return to your place of business.

What is included with the price of my booth?

All linear booths come standard with 8' high back draping, 3' high side divider draping, 7" x 44" ID sign and a waste can. Split Island configurations come standard with 8' high back draping, 7" x 44" ID sign and a waste can.

When do I have to pay for the booth?

A 50 percent deposit must accompany the exhibit contract for initial booth placement. The remaining balance is due on Friday, Sept. 2, 2011.

Are there any set-up or design restrictions on my booth?

All exhibitors with linear booth spaces may use the full contents of their booth. What this means is that you can go up to 8' tall on all three sides of your booth. For more information, please visit the 2011 Expo Booth Guidelines page. Additionally, all decorator information and exhibitor rules and regulations will be included in your Expo exhibitor kit CD, which will be mailed to you directly from GES Exposition Services in August. Height, sound, signage and lighting specifications will be strictly enforced.

Will I be able to hang a sign over my booth?

ISPA does not permit banner/sign rigging by ISPA exhibitors in the exhibit hall. If you have any questions about signage for your booth, please contact Melissa Riley.

What kind of insurance do I need to exhibit at the show?

Each exhibitor must have current general liability insurance coverage to participate in the show. The policy for commercial general liability must name both ISPA and GES Exposition Services as additional insured for the ISPA Conference & Expo, Nov. 7-9, 2011, covered by the insurance policy.

I am using a contractor to set up my booth. What procedures do I need to follow?

Any exhibitor utilizing an exhibitor-appointed contractor ("EAC") to assemble/dismantle their booth must complete the Notice of Intent to Use Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor form in the exhibitor kit from GES Exposition Services. Additionally, the EAC must provide evidence of commercial general liability insurance in a minimum amount of two million dollars, ($2,000,000) covering all operations and automobile liability insurance and a minimum amount of two million dollars, ($2,000,000) covering all owned, hired and non-owned vehicles. The policies for commercial general liability and automobile liability must name both ISPA and GES Exposition Services as additional insured for the ISPA Conference & Expo, Nov. 7-9, 2011, covered by the insurance policy.

Who is eligible to be registered as our company's exhibit booth staff?

Only booth personnel who work directly for the exhibiting company can be registered as show staff.  Anyone who does not work directly for the exhibiting company must be registered under their own company name if they meet the eligibility requirements for registrations.


How do I register our company's exhibit booth staff and what Conference activities can they attend?

Each exhibiting company receives a designated number of Full Conference and Show Staff registrations in accordance with the size of booth secured. A complete list is included below. All exhibitors will receive an e-mail in September with instructions on how to register their show staff for Conference online.

Badge Type

Full Conference Badges - access to all scheduled Conference events
Show Staff Badges - access to all scheduled Conference events except for the Beach Blast Party Wednesday, November 9. A separate ticket to the Beach Blast Party may be purchased for $125.

Badge Allocation by Booth Type
10' x 10' - 1 Full Conference Badge, 4 Show Staff
10' x 20' (Linear & Split Island) - 2 Full Conference Badges, 6 Show Staff
10' x 30' - 3 Full Conference Badges, 10 Show Staff
20' x 20' Island - 4 Full Conference Badges, 10 Show Staff
20' x 30' - 6 Full Conference Badges, 10 Show Staff

Note: All show staff must be employees of the exhibiting company. 

Can I purchase additional show staff badges?

Yes, additional show staff badges can be purchased for $125 each. However, additional show staff must also be employees of the exhibiting company.


What is the cancellation policy?

In the event an exhibitor desires to cancel their reservation of booth space, an irrevocable written notice of cancellation ("Booth Cancellation Notice") must be submitted to ISPA Headquarters. If the Booth Cancellation Notice is received prior to Sept. 2, 2011, exhibitor will be liable for the 50 percent booth deposit, which amount must be received by ISPA on or prior to the date of receipt of the Booth Cancellation Notice. If a Booth Cancellation Notice is received by ISPA on or after Sept. 2, 2011, exhibitor will remain liable for 100 percent of the total booth payment; provided that, after the conclusion of the 2011 event, if all exhibit space was sold out, than exhibitors that cancelled after Sept. 2, 2011, will be entitled to receive a 50 percent refund.  At no time will association membership fees be refunded. Cancelled exhibitors forfeit the right to utilize any full Conference and/or show staff badges, which are included in the cost of the exhibit space.

Can you share a booth with another company at the Expo?

The company that purchased the booth and signed the exhibitor contract is the only one permitted to exhibit from that booth. If you have any questions regarding this please contact Melissa Riley.

When will I receive the exhibitor kit?

The exhibitor kit will be online once again this year and the link will be e-mailed to you in August.

What are the Expo hours?

Monday, Nov. 7:  10:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Tuesday, Nov. 8:  11:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 9:  10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

What are the GES Exhibition Services advance and direct dates for exhibit shipments to Las Vegas, Nev.?

Advance Shipments       

Direct Shipments

Are there any rules regarding the open night for hospitality that I should be aware of?

Monday and Tuesday evenings are available for a hospitality function, and to host one of these functions you must be a 2011 ISPA Conference sponsor or exhibitor. Hospitality functions are not permitted by the association during scheduled ISPA Conference hours, and any such event will be closed. This includes retail and treatment areas set up within a suite, which would deter business from other events during Conference. This rule applies to all Conference attendees, whether or not you have a booth in the ISPA Expo. If you are a Conference sponsor or exhibitor interested in planning a hospitality event on Tuesday night, contact Melissa Riley.

How do I get a hospitality event approved by ISPA?

To get approval for your 2011 hospitality event, please complete the Hospitality Event Form and either fax it to Melissa Riley at 859.226.4445 or e-mail it to her.


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